Marble sculptures

Marble stone is a spark

Light to your villa!

Spreading happiness!

At bhandarimarblegroup, we do this.

Marble Sculpture by


White marble has been prized for its use in sculptures since classical times.

This preference has to do with its softness, which made it easier to carve, relative isotropy and homogeneity, and a relative resistance to shattering.

Also, the low index of refraction of calcite allows light to penetrate several millimeters into the stone before being scattered out, resulting in the characteristic waxy look which gives “life” to marble sculptures of any kind, which is why many sculptors preferred and still prefer marble for sculpting.

Now online available

Marble stone is a spark

Light to your villa

Spreading happiness!

At bhandarimarblegroup, we do just this.

Through floorstyle we ignite this spark within your villa. A bright and beautiful floorstyle with ample colour and finish awaits you.


The largest collection

Of natural stones

Marble Granite



Italian marble collection

We are 46 year experienced

29 country suppliers

360 degree finish

The pioneer of

Indian marble

With display of their

Finish and polish.

Marble granite and natural stone

Used exterior




We finish

Marble granite and stones



Hand cut






Six side sawn

Shoot blast




Italian marble

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We design for your villa flooring and elevation

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Lot of option of marble stone and granite so very comfortable to selection of floorstyle & elevation.

Advisory services

Bhandarimarblegroup offer free advisory services for stone selection and designing.

Our most experience export always ready stone counseling services.

Bhandarimarblegroup collect all Indian and Italian marble stone granite in one eBook catalog

so easy to view all marble stones

Bhandarimarblegroup give facilities to costumers to choice for polish or finish any marble stone.

Multi stone mixing bhandarimarblegroup provides all type of marble granite and stones

That’s very continent to mix match all type stone for designing.

Fitting and fixings bhandarimarblegroup provides expert team for fitting and fixings marble granite and stone around the globe.

Packing and delivery bhandarimarblegroup our team is best in packing and delivery of marble stone. Every big deal our expert go with consignment for delivery.

Quality and Quantity bhandarimarblegroup one of the oldest group of marble. Our expert select best quality marble in quantity for your flooring and elevation.

After sales services bhandarimarblegroup our technical staff 24 × 7 ready for your help. You can take any time any inquiry and suggestions from them.

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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Posted by Dc Jain at 19:16

Marble in kishangarh

Marble in Kisjangarh

Marble of India!!!

By D.C. Bhandari,

Bhandari marble group.

India possesses a wide spectrum of dimensional natural stone that include

granite, marble, sandstone , limestone , slate , and quartzite , spread out all over the country. India is also amongst the largest producer of raw stone material and the sectors is quite developed and vibrant in the South, as well as in Rajasthan and Gujarat , with a dedicated resource of

entrepreneurs. India also has an indigenous resource of machinery and

tool manufacturers which cater well to the demands of this sector.

The Indian marble industry has evolved into the production and manufacturing of blocks, flooring slabs, structural slabs, calibrated – ready to fix tiles, monuments, tomb stones , sculptures , artifacts , cobbles , cubes ,

kerbs , pebbles and landscape garden stones.



Marble was used for building tombs, temples and palaces. For a long [ weasel words ] time it was considered as Royal Stone . It is, however, now used in hotels and homes too. There are many varieties. [1]

Kishangarh marble, marble in kishangarh:


Here details of all kishangarh marble

New Statuario is available! If you need this then please hurry because this is not going to last for a long time.

Marble countertop surfaces are timeless with their classic beauty and elegance. If you are looking for a surface to sustain through the ages, this natural stone countertop material is perfect for you. Statuario marble top adds value to every interior!

Milky white marble

From Bhandari marble company

Very famous and historical marble,

Many old temple and killas made from this marble its very useful in jali murti and mandir


From Bhandari marble corporation

YSL purple marble

It’s fine grain fully calcite marble, specially used in flooring in all old historical buildings!

From Bhandari marble world

Indian statuario marble

It’s very similar to Italian Carrara marble so it names Indian statuario marble but dark line so now very less people use this marble!

Aspur marble

The range of aspur marble is pink and gray!

Green marble

It’s serpentine rocks of marble mainly export to gulf countries by Bhandari marble group!

Rainforest marble

e-Book Catalog

Famous elevation marble from Bidasar mines mainly producing by Bhandari group, its yellow, green and brown colour beautiful marble with all type of finish and polish

Teak marble:

Khatu mines are famous for teak marble, export of teak marble by prestigious Bhandari marble world.

e-Book Catalog

Rainbow marble:

Very colorful marble from khatu mines, supply to international market by Bhandari marble world!

Images available:

e-Book Catalog

Ambaji marble

The range of ambaji marble white with green lines only use in small handicrafts!

Indoitalian marble

From Andhi mines now very less use of this marble

Black marble:

Black beauty marble from Rajasthan frequently used from ancient time, now coming in many type of polish and finish!

e-Book Catalog

Leady onyx marble:

From salumber mines marble mainly used in bathrooms, transparent for crossing light from back side!

Pink marble:

The range of pink marble is low, used in outside aria of home villa

Katni marble

Crack filed marble journaly used by builders

Yellow kishangarh marble:

Golden colour marble from jaisalmer, mainly used in border and designing!

e-Book Catalog

White marble:

Now these days white Indian marble mainly coming from Banswara mines, supply by Bhandari marble company!

Brown marble:

Sawer is the cheapest brown colour marble for budget hotels mainly supply by Bhandari marble Corporation!

Oman red marble:

From chhattisgarh mines supply by Bhandari marble group

The price range of oman red marble slab is 100 rupees per square feet.

e-Book Catalog

Salumber onyx marble:

Salumber mines have treasure of Indian onyx marble mainly supply by Bhandari marble world

The price range of onyx marble slab is 200 rupees per square feet.

Tobacco marble:

From Beawar mines marble now frequently used in elevation and flooring supply by Bhandari marble group

e-Book Catalog

Morwad marble:

From Morwad mines now replaced by Banswara marble!

e-Book Catalog

Agariya marble:

First introduce by Bhandari marble group, now very small quality available!

e-Book Catalog

Manjoli marble:

From Manjoli mines colorful marble mainly available on Bhandari marble group!

e-Book Catalog

Rajnagar marble:

From kelwa mines marble introduce by Bhandari marble group, white big Cristal marble, these days more demand of fine grain marble!

e-Book Catalog

Torrento marble:

From Sawer mines figurative marble

Mainly used by south India!

The price range of torrento marble slab is 45 rupees per square feet.

Vietnam-white marble:

Now one more white marble someone call Australian white marble and Swiss white marble

advised used with sealers only

Marble stones in India:

Kishangarh possesses a wide spectrum of dimensional stones that include granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, and quartzite, spread out all over the country. Kishangarh is also amongst the largest producer of raw stone material and the sectors is quite developed and vibrant in kishangarh with a dedicated resource of entrepreneurs.

The Kishangarh stone industry has evolved into the production and manufacturing of blocks, flooring slabs, structural slabs, calibrated – ready to fix tiles, monuments, tomb stones, sculptures, artifacts, cobbles, cubes, kerbs, pebbles and landscape garden stones.


Why Kishangarh for marble?

World famous many reputed companies are in Kishangarh:

The pioneer marble company

Bhandari marble company

Fast growing marble company

Bhandari marble world

Online marble

5 star marble company

Bhandari marble copration

Lot more famous enterprises are doing lot of export from kishangarh.

Indian marble history


Marble city was one of the towns of Prince Thikana Maukala in British India. It is home to some of the world’s most renowned white marble sites, from which The Taj Mahal , Victoria Memorial of Kolkata, Birla Temple of Jaipur and Jain Temple of Dilwara in Southern Rajasthan were built. It is believed that 1800 artisans who settled in Makrana (coastal strip in the south of Sindh and Balochistan, in Pakistan and Iran) originally came to India to build Taj Mahal.

Rajasthan Marble

Rajasthan are the superior quality producer and leader in the trade.

– Department of Mines

Rajasthan is the richest state in the country with regards to marble deposits both in quality and quantity.

Marble for business:

Make in Marble is a gateway to make in India

D.C Bhandari

Your gateway to a billion opportunities



Natural stone

Marble is the India’s one of the Industrial Leader.

And Kishangarh why it’s the best place to invest.

• Ease to doing Business

• Largest connectivity and talent pool in the state.

• India’s best and World’s upcoming best market.

Magnetic Marble stone

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we are the Oldest & Largest manufacturer of best Indian and precious Italian marble, Indian & Imported granite, sandstone & quartz stone.

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Welcome to Kishangarh the kingdom of marble, Bhandari marble group the king of marble the wonderful world of beautiful Indian Marble.

Bhandari marble group We are the 2nd top leading Indian Marble Manufacturers, Indian Marble Exporters, Marble Producer, Marble Products Manufacturers, Marble Handicraft Supplier based in Kishangarh Rajasthan India

The pioneer and Wholesale Suppliers of White and Multicolor Indian Marbles as well as Italian marble like Indian granite and Marble, Natural Indian Marble and Stone which are listed below.

Indian Natural Stones based at Kishangarh Rajasthan INDIA. is one of the strongest Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Marble Slabs, Marble Floor Tiles, Marble Tiles, Marble Blocks, Green Marble Slabs, Green Marble Tiles, Rainforest Green Marble Slabs, Tiles, Marble Counter Top and Marble Stone Crafts and Articles. continuous and sincere efforts today Indian Natural Stones have become a leading Marble Manufacturing Company and a Marble Factory in India.

If you are in search of Natural Marble Stones,

Italian marble

Indian Marble

Kishangarh marble

Makrana marble

White marble

Green marble

Yellow marble

Pink marble

Black marble

Grey marble

Beige marble

Rainbow marble

Teak marble

Rainforest marble

Banswara marble

Ambaji marble

Kesriyajee marble

Abu black

Sirohi marble

Udaipur marble

Chittorgarh marble

Rajsamand marble

Morwad marble

Kishangarh marble

Makrana marble

Marble in kishangarh

Marble in India

Indian marble

Agaria marble

Onyx marble

Statuatio marble

Bidasar marble

Rajasthan marble

Katni marble

YSL purple marble

Red fire marble

Oman Red marble

Jaislmer gold marble

Indoitalian marble

Viatnam white marble

Turkish marble

Chaina marble

please get in touch for the best quality Marble, best color marble, beautiful Indian Marble Varieties,

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www. of Marble

Marble occurs in large deposits that can be hundreds of feet thick and geographically extensive. This allows it to be economically mined on a large scale with some mines and quarries producing millions of tons per year.

Most marble is made into either crushed stone or dimension stone. Crushed stone is used as an aggregate in highways, railroad beds, building foundations and other types of construction. Dimension stone is produced by sawing marble into pieces of specific dimensions. These are used in monuments, buildings, sculptures, paving and other projects. We have an article about ” the uses of marble” that includes photos and descriptions of marble in many types of use.

Color: Marble is usually a light-colored rock. When it is formed from a limestone with very few impurities it will be white in color. Marble that contains impurities such as clay minerals, iron oxides or bituminous material can be bluish, gray, pink, yellow or black in color.

Marble of extremely high purity with a bright white color is very useful. It is often mined, crushed to a powder and then processed to remove as many impurities as possible. The resulting product is called “whiting”. This powder is used as a coloring agent and filler in paint, whitewash, putty, plastic, grout, cosmetics, paper and other manufactured products.

Acid Reaction: Being composed of calcium carbonate, marble will react in contact with many acids, neutralizing the acid. It is one of the most effective acid neutralization materials. Marble is often crushed and used for acid neutralization in streams, lakes and soils.

It is used for acid neutralization in the chemical industry. A pharmaceutical product known as “Tums” is a small calcium carbonate pill, sometimes made from powdered marble, that is used by people who suffer from acid reflux or acid indigestion. Powdered marble is used as an inert filler in other pills.

Hardness: Being composed of calcite, marble has a hardness of three on the Mohs hardness scale . As a result, marble is easy to carve and that makes it useful for producing sculptures and ornamental objects. The translucence of marble makes it especially attractive for many types of sculptures.

The low hardness and solubility of marble allows it to be used as a calcium additive in animal feeds. Calcium additives are especially important for dairy cows and egg-producing chickens. It is also used as a low hardness abrasive for scrubbing bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Ability to Accept a Polish: After being sanded with progressively finer abrasives, marble can be polished to a high luster. This allows attractive pieces of marble to be cut, polished and used as floor tiles, architectural panels, facing stone, window sills, stair treads, columns and many other pieces of decorative stone.

Another Definition of Marble

The name “marble” is used in a different way in the dimension stone trade. Any crystalline carbonate rock that has an ability to accept a polish is called “marble”. The name is sometimes used for other soft rocks such as travertine, verd antique, serpentine and some limestones.Sandstone

Sandstone reserves in India are found over the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana , Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram,

Karnataka , Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. Over 90% of the deposits of sandstone are in Rajasthan, spread over the districts of Bharatpur , Dholpur, Kota, Jodhpur, Sawai-Madhopur , Bundi, Chittorgarh, Bikaner, Jhalawar, Pali, Shivpuri, Khatu and Jaisalmer.

India is among the leading countries when it comes to mining and export of sandstone. The best part with Sandstone from India is that it is available in different colors and considered best for interior as well as exterior use. Few most popular sandstone products from India include names like Tint Mint, White Mint, Mint Fossils, Modak, Agra Red, Rainbow Sandstone, Raj Green, Teak, Buff Brown, Dhoplur Chocolate, Beige, Dholpur Pink, Lalitpur Pink, Mandana Red etc.

These sandstone are available in a number of finishes and come with great strength. However, Sandstone like Rainbow is only available in layered form and so is not suitable when good thickness is required. To illustrate it clearly, you can’t have cobbles out of this sandstone in particular as it is usually available in the slabs form.

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We cordially invite you to check an elaborate range of our finest selection at Bhandari Marble Granite Stone Studio, The king of the natural Stones at the kingdom of marble, granite and stone Located at makrana road, Kishangarh, P.O Jaipur, Rajasthan.
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